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International Child Assault Prevention Program (ICAP)


Philosophy and mission

The Child Assault Prevention project (CAP) believes that all people have the right to information, skills and strategies with which they gain control of their lives.  The Women's Place Resource Centre (WPRC) has implemented the International Cahild Assult Prevention program in elementary school classes within the Centre's catchment area, of Annapolis and Digby counties in an effort to educate children on their right to be safe, strong and free.


1.   To make child abuse a public issue.

2.   To increase the children's power and lessen their dependence on adults who may harm them.

3.   To reduce children's isolation.


1.   To provide information to children on how to identify and prevent abuse.

2.   To provide information to parents, teachers and other professionals and the community at large about the recognition, intervention, reporting and prevention of child abuse.

3.   To help children define their right to be safe, strong and free.

4.   To help children recognize actions which threaten or violate their right to be safe, strong and free.

5.   To give children information, skills and strategies they can use to protect their rights.

6.   To increase support for children among their peers.

7.   To increase adult support for children.

8.   To Increase awareness among children and adults of existing community resources that can assist them in intervention, prevention and treatment.


For more information call 902-532-1898.