Frances Mills-Clements Bursary

frances mills-clements 154x191In honour of Frances' lifetime of dedication to the women of her community, the Western Area Women's Coalition and the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women organized an evening of musical tribute during Women's History Month in October 2003.  Frances decided that she would like to see any donations from the event go towards bursaries for women currently residing in Digby, Annapolis or Kings County seeking post-secondary education; and so began the Frances Mills-Clements Bursary.





Sophie Cameron (on the right) 2013 Recipient of the Frances Mills Clements Bursary with Joy Warner, western area representative of the Nova Scotia Advisory Council of the Status of Women



To be announced once the selection committee has reviewed the applications in June.



The bursary is dependent on donations from generous people and organizations who recognize the importance of education for women, particularly in rural Nova Scotia.  If you are interested in becoming involved or making a donation, please contact 902-532-1898.



Gillian Stanton 2015, Parkerlee Bent 2014, Sophie Cameron 2013, Rose Winter Hiltz 2012, Lori Ann Stevenson 2011, Mahala Spicer 2010, Mei Hu 2009, Marlene Ward 2008, Katelyn Viner 2007, Ashley Simms 2006.

 Send in the following:

  1. Small application form included with the brochure (available below and at the Women's Place Resource Centre or at the local High Schools)
  2. Resume, including academic standings
  3. Letter of reference from someone other than family
  4. Cover letter that includes
    • Future academic plans
    • If your schooling was interrupted, what prompted your return
    • How this bursary would help you obtain your educational goals
    • Demonstrate financial need if applicable
    • The bursary is allocated annually with deadlines occurring in early June

 FMC Application