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The Women's Place Resource Center is dedicated to being a place for women to come together, share, learn, experience, express and grow

What's available at the Center includes:

Research:  As a Center dedicated to the empowerment of women in our communities, we have engaged our staff, external consultants and the broader community in research that will positively impact policies that in turn impact women including pensions.  To obtain copies of previous research, please contact the centre.

Library: At the Center is an open library with books, videos, cds, dvds and other reference material relating to all manner of issues to support women, their families and communities.

Brochures:  The Center publishes brochures on issues and programs as well as making available brochures on other relevant community services.

Space to Gather:  The board room/common room is available for women to use to gather, share and learn from one another.  The space may be booked during regular office hours.  Limit of ten.  Please call to arrange a booking.  FREE.

Staff: The staff at the center are available to provide information on resources, emotional support, refer to appropriate community services and offer programs that empower and support women.

Programs:  The Center offers a variety of programs throughout the year reflecting requests from the community, available funding and resources.

Frances Mills-Clements Bursary: This bursary is awarded annually to a woman within the community (Weymouth, east to the King's-Hants line) desiring to move forward to post-secondary education, regardless of age.


Please watch here for announcement of future programs.